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 Hi there, my name is Lydia Woodward, and this is my world. What does that mean? Well, once upon a time, I came to a startling realization… 

Years ago, I realized that some (dare I say, most?) people walk around every day, going about their lives, without the constant stream of fantastic adventures and self-narration that have occupied my subconscious for my entire life. What these people use to amuse themselves all day, I couldn’t possibly fathom. My mind would feel like an empty chasm without that familiar stream, the mundane thoughts of ordinary living driving me to madness like a steady drip, drip into a lonely puddle in the dark abyss. 

That stream of subconscious often preoccupies my conscious thought as well, the hidden mysteries of that ethereal realm so entwined into my being that I can all but pull my physical body into it. 

I can’t say for sure which came first – my world or my love of reading – but they each thrive and feed off the other’s existence. I still remember when I heard Tolkien’s The Hobbit for the first time. I was cuddled up inside of our old family camper while we were enjoying a night of backyard camping, my older sister reading a tale of adventure, riddles, and a dragon that seemed to come to life in my mind’s eye as I listened in wide-eyed rapture. When we reached the last page, I knew that, for me, the story would never end. So, I carried on in Middle Earth, exploring the terrain and finding adventures of my own. 

It wasn’t long after that I was introduced to the spectacular world of Narnia, and I relished every second. I lived, breathed, and slept in Narnia. My appetite for reading rose to a crescendo, and I devoured every “exciting” book I could find in my mom’s vast assortment of bookshelves. Much to my initial frustration, my mom insisted that I read more than the fantasy novels I enjoyed so much. I won’t lie and say that I enjoyed her stipulation at first; some books seemed to drag on for an eternity – their never-ending pages filled with a mind-numbing jumble of dull conversations and mundane descriptions. There was even the one, the only book in my life that I left unfinished due to the nightmares of being trapped on cannibalistic islands that it incurred. 

Despite my initial grumblings, I will forever be grateful to my mom’s wisdom as it led me to discover the works of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and William Shakespeare. This shaped the mechanisms of my world in ways I was completely unaware of at the time as I was starting to grasp at the deep complexities of human nature. 

My world was growing with me, but it still lacked clarity. I could be there and create there, but the world felt incomplete and empty in many ways, no matter how many adventures I found there. There was a missing piece that would prove crucial to its development, and I only found it because of my two younger sisters. 

I had grown into the habit of making up stories for the two of them, though I preferred to keep my world to myself – often creating the little stories for their amusement at their direction. One night, bored of the increasingly mundane and cliche fairytales I was creating for them, they expressed their interest in hearing something more. There had been just a glimmer of a new adventure in my world that I was eager to explore as soon as possible, so I opened a small window into my world and gave them a glimpse of its rugged, unfinished terrain. 

That was the night that Bedoria was first whispered into this world, its existence unceremoniously announced to an eager audience of two. It was the moment I realized that every great story needs someone to tell it to. 

Bedoria is not yet complete, but it’s grown and matured more in the past few years than it had in a decade. It has history, politics, currency, geography, legends, and myths. It’s beautiful, and it wants to be shared. 

Almost every story you find on this blog will be a nugget from my world to yours (though I’m sure that there will occasionally be some content from earth as well). The world of Bedoria is told, first and foremost to my sisters, and then shared here. 

I hope you enjoy your visit to my world! You are welcome to come back for adventure whenever it calls to you. 🙂