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My Books (Info and Progress)

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In Progress. Currently editing the 3rd (umpteenth?) draft.

Temporary cover art.



A disgraced war hero.

His Livingstone blade.

The deepest betrayal.

And decades to plan their revenge…


Eran Vaye no longer believes in hope or peace. His nights are haunted by the dead, his days consumed by their demands for revenge.


Vigilant is a Livingstone blade on a quest of his own: to keep Eran’s bits of sanity together until the man learns to forgive himself.


Being immortal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but time might just be their only ally left.

picture of a book cover

In Progress. Currently editing the 1st draft.

Temporary cover.

This is the prequel to The Trials of the Tainted and will be released in chapters once it’s ready for publication.

Eran Vaye seems to always be in trouble.

His best friend is a child genius, but him?

He would much rather fly over the monastery walls and take his chances in the woods than ever sit through class again.

One night, he stumbles across a strange boy. And Eran the troublemaker risks it all to befriend the child of the enemy.

Whatever comes next, there’s no turning back now.

picture of a book cover

In the dreamy stage. Working on the book plan and some structural ideas.

*most likely* a temporary cover (I do love it though!)


A young girl must discover the true reason and purpose behind her sudden and growing ability to fall into supposedly fictional realms. 



Her relatives wanted her to be named after her great-aunt Jane when she was born on her birthday, but her mother (not a fan of Aunt Jane) decided to spell it backward. 

              • plays piano, writes poetry, and creates riddles for fun
              • her two favorite board games are Clue and Candyland 
              • obsessed with watermelon flavored gum 
              • two favorite animals are dragons and cats 
              • birthday is April 9th 
              • birthstone is a diamond 
              • zodiac sign is Aries 
              • two favorite flowers: red roses and bleeding hearts 
              • wants to be a journalist or a singer 

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