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A simple motion 

A curve of lips 

Not knowing what it costs 

It’s my devotion 

Following scripts 

Ignoring broken parts 


What is a face 

If not a mask 

To hide away my pain? 

A lonely space 

An empty cask 

The place of my domain 


Too many voices 

All have a say 

When I’m sitting alone 

Second-guess choices 

Critique my day 

And thrill in the unknown 


Breaking, cracking 

Can you not see 

The pain I’m bleeding through? 

Slipping, slacking 

What’s left of me 

Falls apart before you 


Perhaps only I 

Can taste the salt 

Of these droplets falling 

Even when I cry 

Is mine the fault 

To punish my lolling? 


They whisper now 

But not for long 

For soon their voices rise 

They don’t allow 

Me in their throng 

The girl with weary eyes 


Do I know the truth

Or weigh the facts 

To recognize a lie? 

Whispers from my youth 

Twists and detracts 

What filters through my eye 


Wait one moment. 

What do I hear? 

These voices in my mind 

My opponent 

The one I fear 

Within myself confined 


Monsters snarl inside 

And grip my mind 

They wrap around my heart 

What do they provide 

To risk this bind 

While they tear me apart? 


I must break free. 

Can I escape 

A darkness that is mine? 

I cannot see 

A sound or shape 

To break through their design 


But still a light shines 

To cast away 

And burn through their defense 

The darkness all resigns 

Under its sway 

Their torment is intense 


They’ve left me now 

They’re gone at last 

But still my body sways 

Do I know how 

To leave my past 

And strive for better days? 


I hear a command: 

“Open your eyes.” 

And I look up to see 

Reaching out His hand 

Helping me rise 

My Lord, my Saviour, He. 


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