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Lydia Woodward

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Lydia Woodward has always loved stories. From the days when her father would read the Tawny Scrawny Lion to the first time she heard The Hobbit read aloud, she knew that she wanted to write. Her first books were really just pieces of paper stapled together with more stickers than white space, but that didn’t stop her from reading those stories aloud to every unsuspecting bystander.


It wasn’t until her two younger sisters asked for bedtime stories that she realized she had a lot more work to do.


Now she’s got more caffeine than blood flowing through her veins and enough notes to swim in. When she’s not writing, she loves to read, walk in the rain, and admire her pretty notebooks.


She lives in the woods of New Hampshire with her parents and two younger sisters. Someday she would like to adopt a kitten (or two!) and be known as the crazy cat lady.

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