Hi, I’m Lydia, 

and I’m a fantasy author. I’m currently working on a series of novels about a disgraced war-hero obsessed with finishing his ancient quest.

I’m contemplating the self-publishing route while researching various publishers.

I have two short stories, “Infinite” and and “Shadows of Ruin” published on Short Fiction Break. I share a new short story for free on my website every month, and am working on a novella for my email subscribers. 

I’ll be hosting readalongs in our bookclub section where you can read reviews of what ‘m reading and share your thoughts. 

You’ll be the first to receive a copy of my novella once it’s finished (for FREE!), and you’ll always be in-the-know on important updates and upcoming book releases. 

If that sounds like your cup of joe (extra creamer, please!), I’d love to have you join me by signing up below. 🙂 

Happy Reading, and Welcome! 

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What I’ve Been Working On…

Here are my latest posts – poems, short stories, and what I’m doing behind the scenes!

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Chetera Moswid is still as a stone across from me, his forehead deeply furrowed and his chin resting against his chest. Even in sleep, he looks stern and disapproving.    Incurring punishment isn’t a novelty for me, but this, this being watched and followed every...

January 2022 Catch-Up: What I’ve Been Working On

January 2022 Catch-Up: What I’ve Been Working On

Whew, 2022.    I feel like I blinked, and suddenly 2021 is over.    I know it’s been an age and a half since I’ve been consistently posting on my website and sending newsletters, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been entirely idle in my time away.     ...

While I typically write fantasy, I have dabbled with one novella in general fiction (still unfinished, though). I wasn’t consistent with my writing after I graduated high school and struggled with writing the first draft without stopping 100 million times to edit and delete. 


2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but I was determined to follow through with at least one New Year’s resolution. So, I joined a writing community and signed up for a 100 Day Book program from the wonderful people at The Write Practice. Thanks to their help and encouragement, I have finally established a writing routine and have decided to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an author. 

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